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Zephyr’s momentum is gathering speed!

Zephyr’s momentum is gathering speed!

The Zephyr by PH Sport is aimed at adventurers in search of new challenges. It has met with ever-increasing convincing success among numerous drivers during its test and development programme for the 2020 Dakar.

The Zephyr, the fruit of a design brought to maturity after PH Sport’s podium in the last Dakar, has been created with a single objective: reuse all the knowhow of the leader in France in rally vehicle preparation to build the most complete SSV T3P ever put on sale.

The Langres-based team boosted by 30-years experience at the topmost level used the Can-Am Maverick X3 as its base for its latest creation. The Zephyr represents a new breed of SSVs with its light carbon fibre bodywork that covers a tubular chassis housing its original engine that complies with FIA regulations.

The Zephyr has a formidable power-to-weight ratio and stability that push the boundaries of the benchmarks in the category and its development programme has accelerated since its unveiling in mid-July. Several drivers from different backgrounds ranging from world champions like Antoine Méo to simple amateurs who are looking for new horizons relayed one another at the wheel to fine-tune the setups and validate the solutions chosen by PH Sport.

“Since we made the project official the Zephyr has moved into another dimension,” explains Bernard Piallat, the PH Sport manager. “In recent weeks the test and development programme has unfolded at a rate that’s exceeded all our performance and reliability targets. We’re also delighted by the enthusiasm of drivers who’ve unanimously praised the Zephyr’s handling, stability and its stiff precise chassis in all kinds of conditions on all types of surfaces.

“The fact that it’s both a light and powerful vehicle gives all its drivers a great deal of pleasure on all types of terrain,” he adds. “Now we’re going to take advantage the coming weeks to fine-tune the ultimate details before the Zephyr makes its competition debut. We can’t wait to see it tackle the emblematic events in the world of rally raids and maybe take the fight to vehicles in the upper-level categories and classes.”

Zephyr’s test programme will continue in France then in Abu Dhabi before it makes its first start in the 2020 Dakar in Saudi Arabia. After this, Zephyrs will be available for rent and sale to contest all the competitions accepting the SSV T3Ps. In keeping with its tradition PH Sport will offer turnkey solutions to support their clients in their programmes.

Technical specification – Zephyr by PH
Base: Canam Maverick X3
Chassis: tubular T3P homologated by the FIA
Bodywork: full carbon
Engine: CANAM 2020 with 25mm FIA air restrictor
Dimensions: 3,55m x 2,10m x 1,75m
Dampers: bespoke latest generation three way BOS with hydraulic compression and rebound stops, CAS and FCS systems and ultra-light springs
Brakes: AP Racing ventilated discs, 4-piston calipers, brake force distribution included
Wheels: 14” or 15’’ rims (depending on the regulations), BF Goodrich tyres
Weight: 900 kilos (spare wheel included)
Electronics: ECU, dashboard 12’’, data acquisition system, speed limiter and Power Box MoTeC
Fuel tank: 130 litres with carbon kevlar housing
Others: lithium batterypersonalised carbon seats, reversing camera, removable windscreen…

PH Sport takes up a new challenge in off-road rallying

PH Sport takes up a new challenge in off-road rallying

PH Sport has been present in off-road rallying since 2016 and it has deepened its links with the sport with the most advanced SSV TP3 ever put on sale: the Zéphyr. This model will go on sale and will also be available for rent with the 2020 Dakar in Saudi Arabia in sight.

PH Sport is the leader in France in the preparation, operation and rental of rally cars from the regional level to the WRC. It first became involved in off-road rallying by renting out ex-works Peugeots from 2016 onwards. The team improved year after year and helped Khalid Al Qassimi to sixth place in the 2018 Dakar and Sébastien Loeb to a podium finish in the last one.

A new chapter is about to begin in this activity with the Zéphyr, an SSV T3P produced by the team based in Langres (Haute-Marne).

Based on the Can-Am Maverick X3 the Zéphyr stands out from traditional SSVs thanks to light carbon bodywork designed around a tubular chassis homologated by the FIA creating a credible, economical and suitable alternative to the vehicles in the T1 category.

While the engine with its air restrictor is the original one to respect the FIA regulations, the other elements of the vehicle have been the target of specific attention. Among these are the latest 3-way BOS dampers with hydraulic compression and rebound stops, ultra-light springs, an electric harness that enables the latest ECU to be installed as well as an electronic central dashboard and data acquisition system.

These modifications combined with carbon seats keep the weight down to 900 kilograms (with an on-board spare wheel). Two classic rims shod with BF Goodrich tyres will be available: 14 and 15 inches according to each event’s regulations.

After an intensive test programme in France and in Abu Dhabi carried out by several drivers from various representative domains and world champions in their respective fields, the first Zéphyr will go on sale and for rent for the 2020 Dakar. As is the case in all its activities, PH Sport offers a top-quality turn-key service integrating all the technical, sporting and logistical aspects of off-road rallying.

The SSVs have been accepted in the SxS category since 2017 and comply with regulations that allow the transformation of light vehicles within capped costs to give amateurs an accessible, enjoyable vehicle and at the same time allowing manufacturers to spot future talents.

“We’re very excited about this challenge and interest is already running very high as most of the twenty vehicles in the first run have been bought or rented. Our discovery of off-road rallying continues through new adventures and the timing seemed perfect to us to launch ourselves into the construction of Zéphyr, the most-advanced SSV available today. We’ve invested all our knowhow in this credible economical product, which is a great alternative to the T1. We’re tackling this new chapter in our activities with humility as we still have a great deal to learn. We would like to thank the many competitors who have already chosen to join us and put their trust in us so early in this project.”

Bernard Piallat, PH Sport manager

PH Zéphyr – Technical specifications
Base: Can-Am Maverick X3
Chassis: tubular, homologated by the FIA
Bodywork: full carbon
Dimensions: width increased to 2.1 metres
Dampers: latest three-way BOS with hydraulic compression and rebound stops, CAS and FCS system and ultra-light springs
Wheels: 14 and 15-inch rims (according to each event’s regulations), BF Goodrich tyres
Weight: 900 kilograms (with one spare wheel).
Electronics: ECU, dashboard, data acquisition and MoTec Power Box
Fuel tank: 130 litres with carbon/kevlar housing
Plus: lithium battery, carbon seats

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The Peugeot 3008 DKR joins the PH-Sport team!

The Peugeot 3008 DKR joins the PH-Sport team!

A year after announcing its intention to compete in cross-country rallying, PH-Sport is to extend its offer by adding a Peugeot 3008 DKR to its fleet of cars for lease. Winner of this year’s Dakar Rally, this exceptional car is now available for upcoming events on the 2017 race calendar.

With close to twenty years’ experience in rallying, the PH-Sport team set itself a new challenge in 2016 when it acquired Peugeot 2008 DKR16s in order to compete in cross-country rallying. The team, based in north-eastern France, has already had the opportunity to showcase its discipline and expertise in this new area on the dirt roads of Africa and South America.

PH-Sport is moving up a gear in 2017, however, as it adds a Peugeot 3008 DKR to its fleet of race cars. Winner of the 2017 Dakar Rally with Stéphane Peterhansel, this ultimate racing machine comes with the latest upgrades developed by Peugeot Sport.

“It’s the logical extension of our investment in this category,” emphasized Bernard Piallat, PH-Sport Manager. “Whether we’re talking about the engine, the suspension or the aerodynamics, all of Peugeot Sport’s experience can be seen on the 3008 DKR. Having said that, its architecture is similar to that of the 2008 DKR16: our engineers and technicians should therefore have no difficulty in getting to grips with the new product. The Peugeots have shown their qualities on all surfaces and we are delighted to be able to offer our customers a comprehensive package. The cars are prepared in accordance with the factory team’s specifications so that our drivers can aim to be among the frontrunners.”

Based in Langres, the 4,000 sq. metre workshops dedicated to cross-country rallying are already home to the Peugeot 3008 DKR and the associated equipment. “The car is already available for leasing, both for rounds of the Cross-Country Rally World Cup and other events,” added Bernard Piallat.


  • April 1-7: Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge (World Cup)
  • 17-22 April: Qatar Cross Country Rally (World Cup)
  • 20-27 May: Rally Kazakhstan (World Cup)
  • 15-18 June: Italian Baja (World Cup)
  • 8-22 July: Silk Way Rally
  • 21-23 July: Baja España Aragon (World Cup)
  • 10-13 August: Hungarian Baja (World Cup)
  • 31 August – 3 September: Baja Poland (World Cup)
  • 4-10 October: Rallye du Maroc (World Cup)
  • 26-28 October: Baja Portalegre 500 (World Cup)


PH-Sport to compete in cross-country rallying with three Peugeot 2008 DKR16s

PH-Sport to compete in cross-country rallying with three Peugeot 2008 DKR16s

Renowned for preparing and running cars in the WRC, the PH-Sport team is to take on a new challenge by acquiring three Peugeot 2008 DKR16s. These leading cross-country rally cars will be available for leasing, the goal being to take part in the 2017 Dakar Rally.

When Stéphane Peterhansel won the 2016 Dakar Rally, the Peugeot 2008 DKR16 established itself as the new benchmark in cross-country rallying. With a staggering nine stage wins (out of a total of twelve), this car proved it is comfortable on all surfaces, from gravel-strewn roads to the wide open spaces of the desert.

Soon, privateers will also be able to enjoy driving this exceptional vehicle. Prepared and run by PH-Sport, three cars will be available for leasing from September of this year. Entirely rebuilt by PH-Sport technicians in accordance with the latest Peugeot Sport specification, these vehicles will be entered in the Rallye du Maroc (1-7 October) and then the 2017 Dakar Rally.

Duly trained by Peugeot Sport, the PH-Sport team will offer a premium turnkey service, incorporating all the technical, sporting and logistics aspects involved in the category.

“We are very excited by the idea of taking on this new challenge” explained Bernard Piallat, PH-Sport Manager. “Being able to lease the best car in cross-country rallying is an exceptional opportunity, both for PH-Sport and the drivers that choose to join us. We will treat this new programme with the respect it deserves, because we know that we have a lot to learn in the category. Having said that, we are confident because we are acquiring cars that have already proven their worth and we will have the support of Peugeot Sport to help us in understanding their operation. In all areas, PH-Sport will therefore comply with the standards of the factory team, in order to give our customers the chance to aim for first place.”

PH-Sport’s cross-country rallying programme will be run from 4,000m2 of new workshops. Located in Langres, north-east France, this new structure will enable the team to tackle this demanding challenge in the best possible conditions.

“The timing is right, because it gives us the time to put the appropriate organisation and facilities in place,” continued Bernard Piallat. “For this first year, the aim is to run a programme including the Rallye du Maroc as preparation for the Dakar Rally in South America.”

DS 3 WRCs all around the world…

2016 is indeed a year full of challenges for PH-Sport, which is running the WRC programme of the Abu Dhabi Total World Rally Team. In Monte-Carlo and in Sweden, Kris Meeke, Stéphane Lefebvre, Craig Breen and Khalid Al-Qassimi produced impressive performances in DS 3 WRCs prepared by PH-Sport.

Although this programme has been put on hold for a few weeks – until the WRC returns to Europe – the team has not been taking it easy. At Rally Argentina, Marco Ligato will be competing in a top-level car, looking to impress in front of his home fans.

“The DS 3 WRC is currently the best rally car available to lease,” explained Bernard Piallat. “We saw at the opening rounds of the season that it is capable of challenging the world championship-winning Polo. PH-Sport has a fleet of a dozen cars, which can be entered on all road surfaces, from national championships right up to the WRC.”